What is Book Train?

Although foster children are lovingly cared for by social workers and foster parents across the country, foster children sometimes do without things that others take for granted. Many foster children can only dream of owning their own books.

These kids are often removed from dangerous environments without being able to take belongings with them. To help these children, organizations across the country put together backpacks for these kids with a few things inside that are just for them—typically, a toothbrush, pajamas, and a stuffed animal. But books are expensive and generally not included.

Book Train is a site to connect people who are advocates for children and children’s literacy with people who will get book donations directly into the hands of kids.

Being a reader is the first step to opening all kinds of doors that lead to bright futures—enhancing self-esteem, infusing kids with confidence, raising expectations of themselves and their futures, opening their worlds to not only knowledge, but also possibilities–big possibilities! It is more likely for a child-reader to avoid drug use, stay out of trouble, and attend college.

Please help by donating a book to a child. You never know the kind of difference you can make…

For the time being, I’m beginning with two states—Connecticut and Colorado. Of course, books may be mailed from any state to these locations.

If you are a social worker in another state and are willing to collect/help distribute books in your area, please visit the Dear Social Workers page for more info.

Thank you.

Would love to hear stories about generosity of givers or of happy kids with their own books:

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