Where Do I Send My Donations?

HOORAY!!!   Book Train has left the station…  

Below are addresses of Social Work Professionals who will take your book donation(s) and put them in the hands of children–books for them to keep as their own.

Please mark you package “Book Train”. Also, you may ship directly from IndieBound, B&N, or Amazon . These sites allow purchaser to include a note where you can include your name/message and not have to pay for shipping twice. **Please include your mailing address in message to receive a thank you post card/tax receipt**

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…


Dora Poma  (ATTN: Book Train)

c/o  DCF

131 West St

Danbury, CT  06810



Sherry Owens  (ATTN: Book Train)

Colorado State Foster Parent Association

2497 Fenton St.

Edgewater, CO 80214



4 thoughts on “Where Do I Send My Donations?

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Would love to hear stories about generosity of givers or of happy kids with their own books:

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